Contacts are the people whose information gets stored in your Kapitalwise account. Contacts can be your customers or prospects.

Add Contacts to Kapitalwise

There are two ways to add contacts to Kapitalwise - using Import Contacts tool or using REST API.

Using Import Contacts Tool

Our import tool helps you add contacts to Kapitalwise by uploading a comma-separated value file (CSV). This is useful for bulk uploading the contacts. You can also auto-update multiple existing contacts at once.

Things to know

  1. To get started, you'll need a sheet in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, saved or exported as a comma separated value (CSV) file.
  2. First row of the sheet is considered as header row. Please make sure that you have included a header row in the sheet.
  3. In Kapitalwise, you can organize your import based on the email marketing status, like subscribed or unsubscribed. You can only import to one status at a time.
  4. You must include an email address column in your import file, and only one email for each contact. Review this column for anything that might cause errors, such as missing information, unsupported characters, and extra spaces before or after an address. While uploading, we will ignore the contacts that don't have an email address.

Prepare for Import

To prepare your file for import, follow these steps:
  1. In a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, open your blank worksheet.
  2. Create and label a column for Email Address. This is the only field that is required.
  3. Create and label additional columns for First Name, Last Name, and any other information you want to import into Kapitalwise.
  4. Paste or add your contacts' information into the relevant fields in the spreadsheet.
  5. Save the file in CSV format. Usually, this option can be found under File menu in your spreadsheet program labelled as “save as .csv” or “download as .csv” .

Import into Kapitalwise

To import your contacts, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Contacts Menu.
  2. Click Add Contacts.
  3. Click Upload File and choose a csv file you want to import from your computer.
  4. Click Continue to Organize.
  5. Use the Select a status drop-down menu to choose the status of the contacts you're about to import. The available statuses for contacts are - Subscribed or Unsubscribed. If you import subscribed contacts, be sure that you have permission to send them marketing emails.
  6. If you want to update contacts that are already in Kapitalwise, check the box next to Update any existing contacts.
  7. Click Continue to Tag.
  8. If you want to assign tags to all of the contacts in your import, click the drop-down menu and choose or create tags as needed. You can type-in to add new tags.
  9. Click Continue to Match.
  10. Match the columns in your import file to the fields in your Kapitalwise Contacts Schema. Click the select dropdown to choose a field label for the column or type-in to create a new field label. For example, the column that contains email addresses should be matched with Email field label.
  11. Repeat for all unmatched columns that you want to import. Select “Ignore” from the dropdown for the columns you want to ignore while importing. Please note that Email is the only required field, Email should be matched with one of the columns.
  12. If everything looks good, click Finalize Import. After the import is finished, we'll send a notification with the report to the email address associated with your logged-in user.


Kapitalwise offers a REST API to add Contacts to Kapitalwise Platform. This is useful if you want to integrate Kapitalwise with your existing tools. For example, a signup pipeline, i.e., if you have a signup web form on your website and want the contact to get added to Kapitalwise when the form is submitted, you can call Kapitalwise REST API directly from your webpage. Please connect your relationship manager at Kapitalwise for more details on REST APIs.

View your contacts

You can view your contacts by following these steps:
  1. Click the Contacts menu.
  2. Click All Contacts.
  3. You can use the Search bar to search a contact by First Name, Last Name and Email.
  4. Use Filter by Tags dropdown to filter out the contacts tagged with the selected tag.
  5. Use the pagination tools at the bottom of the page to navigate through your contacts.
  6. To see your contact’s details, click on the details link present on the right side of each row.

Update existing contacts

You can update your contacts in two ways:

Using Import Contacts tool

This is useful when you would like to bulk update your contacts. Upload a CSV file containing all the contacts with details you would like to update and make sure to check the box next to Update any existing contacts. Please refer Using Import Contacts tool above for the complete guide.

Using details link in All Contacts

You can update one contact at a time by using this feature. Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Contacts menu and then click All Contacts.
  2. Click the details link present on the right side for the contact you want to edit.
  3. On the details page, click on the values of the field you want to update.
  4. Type the updated values and click Save.