Put Your Investments On AutoPilot

Link Your Accounts

We use predictive analytics to analyze your accounts and move part of extra cash towards your investment goals

Create Investment Rules

Create simple investment rules and select target investment funds

Stay Invested

Automate your investment process and keep invested in your favorite market sectors. All for less than one dollar per month

Analyze and Invest

Every couple of days, KapitalWise invest some money from your checking account to selected funds. We never transfer more than you can afford, so you don't have to worry about over-drafting your account

Invest When Get Paid

You can select a fixed or a percentage of your income that you would want to invest towards your investment goal. You can also specify the income threshold that would trigger this rule

Invest when I spend

Select a fixed or percentage amount (with a max limit) that you would want to invest towards a selected investment fund when you spend on a specific category

Scheduled Invest

Say how often you want to invest, you can select daily, weekly or monthly fixed amount and the target fund. You can always make a onetime investment by calling us


Round up your transactions and invest the change in selected funds. Turn every spending you make to a small investment for the future

Stock Bucket

Invest in a bucket of up to 18 stocks just for one dollar. Investment in a tailored portfolio specially curated based on trends and interests

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