Financial Content: Generative AI vs. Bespoke

Generative AI content tools like ChatGPT can help bridge the gap between a human writer and automated investment content. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of financial data, ChatGPT algorithms can generate more accurate and engaging content than conventional text-based automation. Additionally, AI content can supplement existing content or provide additional insights and information for your website visitors. However, with more assets to manage than ever before in history, professional investors and wealth managers need a great marketing strategy to secure them. And while AI tools like ChatGPT are revolutionizing internet searches, content creation, and even financial literacy, there is no substitute for bespoke custom finance content.

After all, basic content synthesis from existing sources may not get past search engines’ algorithms, or worse: it won’t meet FINRA and SEC investment marketing compliance standards. And when it comes to creating a genuine connection with your prospects and clients, you don’t want to take risks with generic content.

Enter Contentwise That’s why Kapitalwise has developed Contentwise – a revolutionary feature that gives access to over 3,500 customizable financial literacy articles written by our dedicated team of expert financial content writers. This way, our customers can be sure that their online marketing efforts comply with all relevant regulations and that they are enjoyable and informative enough to engage potential clients – whether they’re looking for better advice on investing or managing debt.

Content In ActionOnce you have your content, you need to deploy it effectively, so here are a few tips worth keeping in mind:

  • Make sure your emails are highly personalized so they feel relevant and engaging;
  • Be sure to craft an eye-catching subject line that stands out in crowded inboxes; thirdly, focus on quality rather than quantity – make sure your newsletters are packed with useful information
  • Finally, always remember to capture leads by including a prominent call-to-action within your emails.

Here at Kapitalwise, financial literacy, and customer engagement go hand in hand. With our revolutionary Contentwise feature, you can be sure to have both! Our AI-powered content creation tools will help you generate engaging investment articles quickly and easily – compliant with all relevant regulations. And suppose you need more specialized assistance for your web pages or emails.

In that case, our team of expert financial writers is here to ensure that the content is informative, exciting, and tailored specifically to your target audience. Reach out to learn more about how we can help create a powerful online presence for your wealth management business today!