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With our best in class AI, analytics, and marketing templates, you can now reach out to your customers at the best time with the right message and market-proven customer engagement experience.

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Banking Customer Engagement

No-code Workflows

Automate sales and marketing workflows with our easy to use drag and drop no-code platform. Track consumer engagements, create prospects, and measure ROI on a single platform.

Turn-key Experiences

Orchestrate complex customer engagement scenarios by combining our prebuilt market-tested templates with deep insights and analytics.

Events & Triggers

Engage with your customers when they need it the most. Predict the needs of your customers when an event in their personal or financial life is happening, and engage with them when they need you the most.

Small Business Engagement Platform

Customer's Needs

Thanks to the multi-channel data analysis you'll be able to understand your customers' needs and improve your messaging and targeting accordingly.

Insight Portal

A dashboard containing all the insights, predictions and analytics regarding your customers. Making decisions and growing your business faster.

Financial Wellness Platform

Smart Goals

Recommend financial wellbeing goals to customers based on their current status and habits. Help them achieve those goals with cashflow predictions, nudges, and smart budgeting.

Micro Investing

Recommend automated wealth generation strategies for your customers' financial wellbeing with improved customer engagement.

Wellness Scoring  

Measure financial wellbeing and help your customers improve over time. Read more on how to engage consumers on financial wellness. 

Secure Platform

Data Security

Kapital Wise treats all the customer data under extreme data security and privacy guidelines.


All the data we collect from the banks are stored in US data centers with the highest level of encryptions.


We do not share any data with third parties outside of the scope of the required data collections.

Proud partners

Our partners build technology and programs that make banking more accessible, enable new ways to improve consumer's financial life and accelerate innovation.

Turn-key integrations in less than 24 hrs.


Give your relationship managers deep insights and cross-sell leads in your CRM through our API integration. Turn-key email integration to connect when it counts. 


Drive targeted marketing campaigns and 1:1 customer journeys by leveraging KapitalWise Campaign Dashboard.

Digital Channel

Help your customers achieve their financial goals with our digital solutions that integrate insights, user experience, and delivery with minimum technical lift.

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