Unlocking Power of Digital through Personalized Customer Engagement

Data-driven client engagement platform built for modern age organizations with lean marketing and sales teams.

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Why Kapitalwise?

Predict and Act

Understand emerging customer behavioral trends and act on them before the competition does

Track Behavior

Our complex algorithms track behavioral shifts in your target market and customer segments

Measure and Pivot

Our analytics tools provide you with an accurate market view, allowing you to pivot your market strategies

Kapitalwise no-code platform gives you the
one-stop-shop for customer engagement

Signals and Analytics

Data-driven approach to identify the moments of truth to engage with customers

Marketing Content

Customizable and compliance-ready marketing content developed by experts

Customer-facing apps

Mini apps store to explore and plug-in apps

Engagement Builder

Easy to use, no-code engagement builder for your collaborative marketing team

No personally identifiable information (PII) required

Kapitalwise GDPR compliant "Signals" technology enables us to leverage the power of personal data without any data sharing.

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Go live in just three steps

Define Business Goal

Increase cross sell, improve loyalty etc.

Select Automation

Pick one of our templates or create a new one

Customize Content

Customize the content with your brand colors and themes

An API first platform

Seamlessly connect your internal tools with client facing apps with an API that financial institutions can implement quickly and securely.

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