A digital client tool built exclusively for professional financial advisors

Wealth management tools for the digital era.

With our Digital Wealth application Koin™ advisors can offer clients comprehensive financial tools and support online, every day of the week. Engage your clients more comprehensively and deepen your relationships with KapitalWise.

The numbers say everything


Millennial investors who need a
digital connection to their advisor


Investors with multiple
investment accounts


Generational wealth transfer in
next 25 years

Always be within Your Client's Reach

Budgeting and Savings

Enable your clients to track spending, budget their money, reduce debt and increase savings.

Consolidated Investment

Performance and Goals: a one stop solution which integrates all client investment and brokerage accounts, including from employer sponsored plans and external accounts.

Financial Wellness

Credit checkups, debt consolidation, insurance reviews, estate planning resources and more.

Wealth Management: for the Digital Era

Seamless Integration

With all custodial platforms and portfolios.


Branded exclusively for your RIA. Allow your clients the best aspects of both digital and professional financial advice: all under your firm’s name.

Bridge the Generational Gap

Develop multigenerational relationships, consolidate assets, and receive referrals through NudgD™,our proprietary client networking tool.

Proud partners

Our partners build technology and programs that make banking more accessible, enable new ways to improve consumer's financial life and accelerate innovation.

Turn-key integrations in less than 24 hrs.


Give your relationship managers deep insights and cross-sell leads in your CRM through our API integration. Turn-key email integration to connect when it counts. 


Drive targeted marketing campaigns and 1:1 customer journeys by leveraging KapitalWise Campaign Dashboard.

Digital Channel

Help your customers achieve their financial goals with our digital solutions that integrate insights, user experience, and delivery with minimum technical lift.

Connect with us

Top banks in the world use KapitalWise to engage with customers, up-sell, and close revenue, faster.

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