Get Started with a Data-driven
Client Engagement Platform

Treat every customer as your most valuable customer by personalizing their digital experience.


Gain more control your marketing process with detailed analytics on each customer journey from acquisition to conversion and post-conversion as a client.

Automation Templates

Pre-built customer experience automation templates designed with financial institutions in mind.

Signals & Analytics

Data-driven approach to identify the moments of truth from transaction data to engage with customers..

Unified Customer Profile

Collect data and activities from all sources and build a Unified Customer Profile. Derive actionable insights that empower strategic decision-making across your organization.

A fully integrated digital experience automation suite

Earn loyalty as a partner in their financial journey.

One platform one pricing

All features are included as part of the plan. No additional costs or setup fees.

Email Marketing

Create engaging email campaigns in minutes using beautiful email templates designed for financial institutions.

Text Messaging

Make Text Messaging part of your marketing with intuitive engagement workflows.

AB Testing

Run campaign variations and analyze what works best for your customers.


Gain visibility into the behavioral attributes that make up customer engagement, and learn how those attributes influence the path to conversion.

UTM & Conversion Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify common user touchpoints on the path to conversion.

Tags and Events

Understand your website visitor traffic and build workflows to reengage them.

Content Library

Compliant and customizable marketing content developed by experts. Email Templates, Calculators, and Blogs..

Financial Literacy Articles

5,000+ financial education content to keep your customers educated and engaged. Jargon-free personal stories, quizzes, videos, podcasts.


Seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform and maintain consistency between your marketing and sales teams.


Enhance your customer relationship management by integrating Kapitalwise with Hubspot CRM.

MS Dynamics

Connect and create sales deals in your favorite CRM platform.


Integrate every part of your company that interacts with customers.


Connect with Freshworks and delight your customers and employees.


Design a perfect CRM for your team by integrating Kapitalwise with Zoho.

100+ Integrations

Leverage the power of your data and insights without switching the tools that work for you.

Deployment Options

Three options, and switch between deployments seamlessly.

Secure Cloud

SaaS hosted on our SOC-2 compliant Amazon AWS cloud. Start building in minutes.


Host our micro-services on your cloud or on-prem hardware. 24/7 support and fully managed by the Kapitalwise IT team.


Data privacy is key. Never share any Personally identifiable information (PII). Our hybrid deployment option lets you run the data-sensitive modules on internal systems that seamlessly integrate with our SaaS platform.

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