Accelerate your revenue with Kapitalwise

Lead management tool built to close more deals.


Integrate with your favorite apps and automate tedious sales tasks.

Easy to setup

Built for financial institutions with lean sales and marketing team. A simple platform that's easy to start and scale as you grow.

Unified customer profile

Track your lead's activities across channels on a unified profile page.

Automate and close more deals

Automate those repetitive, tedious sales tasks and focus on what matters - sell faster and increase revenue.

No set-up fees and free migration from your current CRM platform

Eliminate the noise and focus on the right leads

One-platform-one-pricing. No extra cost


Unified profile and activities of your customers and prospects.



Active deal within your pipeline so you can prioritize them to hit the sales target.


A visual representation of sales prospects and where they are in the purchasing process.


Book meetings and set reminders with ease.


Keep track of a conversation you had with a customer or a prospect.


Stay organized and up-to-date with tasks and reminders.

Deployment Options

Three options, and switch between deployments seamlessly.

Secure Cloud

SaaS hosted on our SOC-2 compliant Amazon AWS cloud. Start building in minutes.


Host our micro-services on your cloud or on-prem hardware. 24/7 support and fully managed by the Kapitalwise IT team.


Data privacy is key. Never share any Personally identifiable information (PII). Our hybrid deployment option lets you run the data-sensitive modules on internal systems that seamlessly integrate with our SaaS platform.

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