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This section provides an overview of the most critical setup tasks required for a successful Kapitalwise implementation. You should complete these steps immediately after purchasing Kapitalwise, or even while you’re still in your free trial mode. Completing these steps quickly means that you’ll get to start building out customer experience automation and marketing campaigns sooner, so you can get more leads in the door faster.


Contacts are the people whose information gets stored in your Kapitalwise account.


An Audience is a segmented list of Contacts created to deliver more tailored messaging for stronger connections.


A marketing Campaign is a strategic sequence of steps that helps to achieve the promotion of your company's product/service, with a specific goal at hand.


Kapitalwise offers customizable and compliance-reviewed marketing content developed by financial content experts.

Tags and Events

Tags and Events are designed to give you the ability to instrument your web pages and external systems to send data when some kind of Event occurs. This data can include information about the type of Event and parameters that describe information about the Event.


Kapitalwise, sales tools include everything you need for improving sales productivity and optimization on a single platform. It facilitates lead generation, tracking, easy-to-use sales automation, and integration with the marketing platform, allowing you to track the leads and prospects from the first touch to the conversion.

Engagement Builder

Kapitalwise engagement builder lets you create and manage Workflow for your customer experience automation, sales, and marketing.