Elevate your earnings by integrating the AdvisorConnect widget into your content.

Hassle-free Financial Content and Fintech Apps

Supercharge your customer engagement by
leveraging the power of data and personalized content.


Boost your customer experience with unparalleled personalization.

Content Library

Compliant and customizable marketing content developed by experts. Email Templates, Calculators, and Blogs.

Micro App Store

Third-party fintech apps integrated with the Kapitalwise platform.

3,500+ Financial Literacy Articles

Financial education content to keep your customers educated and engaged. Jargon-free personal stories, quizzes, videos, podcasts.

Convert your customer data into engagement magic

Earn loyalty as a partner in their financial journey.

Reimagine Financial Wellness

Pay only for the tools that are active and used by the clients

Smart Goals

Recommend the right financial goals based on the life and financial events and nudge them to achieve those goals.

Micro Investing

Help them start investing. Round-up investing and robo-recommendations.

Wellness Score

A holistic view of the financial situations compared with their peer group.


Help them plan their spending. Get notified when overspending on a category.

Credit Insights

Credit Bureau score and tips to improve on the score.


Launch modern financial calculators in minutes and build intelligent lead-gen automation based on usage.


Calculate future cash flow and nudge to save towards life goals.

Subscription Insights

Recurring and subscription transaction management tool.

Deployment Options

Three options, and switch between deployments seamlessly.

Secure Cloud

SaaS hosted on our SOC-2 compliant Amazon AWS cloud. Start building in minutes.


Host our micro-services on your cloud or on-prem hardware. 24/7 support and fully managed by the Kapitalwise IT team.


Data privacy is key. Never share any Personally identifiable information (PII). Our hybrid deployment option lets you run the data-sensitive modules on internal systems that seamlessly integrate with our SaaS platform.

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