Leverage your Data for an Unparalleled Customer Experience


Treat every customer as your most valuable customer by personalizing their digital experience.

Signals & Analytics

Data-driven approach to identify the moments of truth from transaction data to engage with customers.

Privacy Protected

Kapitalwise GDPR compliant "Signals" technology enables us to leverage the power of personal data without any data sharing with us.

Unified Customer Profile

Collect data and activities from all sources and build a Unified Customer Profile. Derive actionable insights that empower strategic decision-making across your organization.

Convert your customer data and insights into engagement magic

Boost your customer experience with unparalleled personalization.

Deployment Options

Three options, and switch between deployments seamlessly.

Secure Cloud

SaaS hosted on our SOC-2 compliant Amazon AWS cloud. Start building in minutes.


Host our micro-services on your cloud or on-prem hardware. 24/7 support and fully managed by the Kapitalwise IT team.


Data privacy is key. Never share any Personally identifiable information (PII). Our hybrid deployment option lets you run the data-sensitive modules on internal systems that seamlessly integrate with our SaaS platform.

Just getting started?